Thursday, September 4, 2008

An honest answer isn't the right answer

Sometimes an straight to your face response isn't the right thing to do. You could insult someone, destroy your career or even mess yourself up in the process.

A flashback to an earlier post on priorities quickly reveals that what was a candid, spur of the moment reaction, isn't an accurate reflection of reality. Honest but incorrect. A list of priorities were listed, but the order was in no order at all. It read:

2.The significant other

The last few weeks have thought me that priority number 1 - career - is nowhere near to being no 1. It can break at anytime, it can stab me in the back, or it can suck the life out of me. No, it's certainly out of order.

I cannot distinguish between the significant other and the family. I think they're tied at the same 2nd spot.

Health is important because without it, the other priorities will crumble. Wealth follows, because in the modern world you need to have resources to survive and live comfortably. Sure money doesn't buy happiness, but if you have it, it's a heck of a lot easier to be happy.

Somewhere in the Bible is says, "He who is first will be made last" and although career isn't a he, it tumbles down the pecking order. And bringing up the rear end, are friends. My friends.

It's extremely important to highlight that being at the bottom of this list doesn't suggest unimportance or insignificance. To say that solid friendships are not important would be utterly foolish. Everything I've listed has and will have a place in my life no matter where it is on the list. But when choices need to happen, priorities based on what's important kicks in.

This therefore leads to a revamped list.

2.The significant other

Things change. Embrace it.

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