Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Energy Conservation

It was an interesting evening yesterday as news of the increase in energy prices for fuel and electricity broke. Not surprisingly, all fuel retail stations were flooded with cars and the like. I chose not to. Why? Well perhaps because I drive a compact and the ratio of impact to me might not be as great as the bloke trying to look cool in his SUV. Also maybe I didn't feel like queuing. I hate queueing. That's part of the reason I don't like going to certain "hip and happening" clubs. I don't queue.

Anyhow this energy price increase is sure to kick start a domino effect of rising goods and services prices. Instead of lamenting on end (which would really achieve nothing good), I'm choosing to embark on what I'd like to call a "Personal Energy Conservation Plan".

It's simple. All you need to do is write down half a dozen actions that you're going to take to conserve energy - be in fuel or electricity. Face it, this is the only thing you can actually DO that'll make a difference. This is your circle of influence. Here's my list. It's work in progress but better start with something.

1. Plan my journeys
If I've' got 5 things to do, plan it out and do it in one journey instead of 5. Also, plan the time to get out and about and the best route to take.

2. If the show sucks, turn it off
I will not watch E! for the 8th time in a day just to have the TV on.

3. Car pool
Now I'll have someone to chat with on the way to work. No more flipping stations finding the right junk to listen to.

4. Resit the urge to floor it
Now I know there's a speed demon in me. I know I'm a good driver and I can whip it out on the track. But the road is not the track so I'll drive by the rule, consuming less fuel and reducing the risk of a speeding ticket.

Ok, so I've got 4 things down already. When I have more, I'll put them up. If you've got an idea for me, this is a time to shout out.

I'm out.

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