Friday, June 13, 2008

Procrastination Part II

As I listened to Dr. Funny Voice talk about the many failed attempts of smokers wanting to kick the habit, my mind struck back to a post I had recently composed. Somewhere in between his half baked jokes and reasoning of failed quiting attempts he said something to the following tune:

"Smokers often try to quit and fail mostly because in reality they don't really want to quit. They often look for excuses which they call reasons to get back to their cigarettes."

In my first attempt to understand procrastination here I wrote about some of the possible reasons why we procrastinate. This smoking analogy strikes a chord in me because perhaps the reason I (or we) procrastinate simply stems from the fact that we don't wanna do the task. No thank you, I could do that but I don't want to.

Interesting but often, you've just got to do it and so it's done late. Sometimes half baked like Dr. Funny Voice's jokes. I didn't like the jokes all that much.

The doc also told the story of a man who stopped smoking for 3 months because his girlfriend had asked him to. Get picked up the habit again at the end of the period. Why? Because girlfriend was now wife. Motivation lost.

Maybe that's what I need - the right motivation. After all, smoking usually leads to a painful death.

I don't want that.

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