Thursday, June 12, 2008

Some call it flip flops, I call it lies

And stupidity.

When he first said it, he told me that it'd take 3 months before anything could happen. He told me that out of the kindness of his heart he'd let it be for now. After all, all was not well and he had what he needed to keep the peace. His aides followed soon and told my friends & family the same thing - status quo to remain.

As I and my loved ones were temporarily breathing a sighs of relief, he turned his back on us and made the change. The change came as a surprise as just hours earlier he assured us that it wouldn't change. But now, with no remorse he changed it. To me, this was lie no 1. The first strike. There were strikes before, but let's stay focused on this one.

I can understand the need for the change and in fact, I support it. I knew it was due and with the wisdom I carry, I knew that it was the right things to do. After all, I've been pampered all this while under the false pretense. Some whom I know are pampered more than I was. With strike one, I believe it's time to change.

What I couldn't deal with was the fact that he lied. He lied to my face. He said it wouldn't happen, it wouldn't change - but it did. And the way in happened has insulted me. And the others.

Along with lie no 1 came the assurance that from time to time this change would be reviewed. It would be reviewed to ensure that the real situation was depicted clearly form time to time. Every month he said. I was afraid but again, I understood - it needed to happen.

At this time, he also pledged to help those who needed some assistance to get by. What he failed to mention was that the assistance wouldn't last - you'd get it today and that's the end of it. His blatant failure to tell me this from the get go constitutes lie no. 2.

Not long after, he introduced lie no 3. He now said that we're not going to review the decision from time to time. Instead we'll do it in a few months.

I suppose he wasn't happy with his hat trick of lies. He just had to do more. He had to. I suppose he's so used to it by now that it was ingrained in his head to do it. Now he said he'd wait for the dawn of a new cycle. Then he'd change it. Maybe. But he'll decide in a few months. Lie no 4.

Ever had a friend who told you that she'd stick with you no matter what? Then at the first sign of trouble and she was gone? She lied to you. He's just like that.

But he's still around, making you promises and maybe, just maybe he'll lie again.

He's good at it.

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