Monday, June 23, 2008


I must admit that I thought it was a horrible song when I heard it on Mahatma's blog. It sounded off pace, the words didn't make perfect sense and some words sounded as though it was pronounced by someone who couldn't speak proper English. When I spoke of the song, I lauded the initiative and what it stood for but musically, I tore it apart.

I was in my car today amiss the heat of this tropical climate and the very same song was on air. Maybe the hot air and the many encounters I had in the morning suddenly caught up with me, but I was really digging the song this time. The weird words, while still sounding somewhat odd now sounded just right. Just right because out of the blue, it now sounded just like it should, just like it is - originally local. And those meanings I just didn't get, now was somehow crystallized.

I listened to the lyrics more closely and loved it this time. It made alot of sense and just as before. I was behind the message 100%. Maybe 110% now.

Over the weekend I privately laughed at a buddy who proclaimed that this country is where she wanted to live in. She wouldn't trade it for any place else because she was so comfortable here. Although I do wanna try my trade elsewhere, listening to the song, I suddenly felt somewhat the same. This is the place I've known all my life. The people right next to me are the people I grew up with. Friends, family and strangers alike. For a moment, I was emotional - almost teary even. This IS home.

I wanted to do this song for the upcoming performance with the band of misfits but its abit late. Ironically they demonstrated their less-than-liked attitude again today and replaced another song. I suggested this one but I don’t think they want to do it. Lack of punch it seems. I disagree – but I’m not an island.

There’s a lot more to this place but I'll save that for another day. For now, enjoy the song. Here's to the message, the music and fundamentally, the people.

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