Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Home rebound

This is overdue but MAFU liked my thoughts on the video and linked me on their site. Here's an excerpt of what they said:

"pete's lyrics are almost never 'in your face'. he tends to prefer lines that require a bit of thought to decipher, but once they are decoded, they stay in one's head for good. when we discussed the same issue that you wrote about in your blog entry just after the song was released, he said as much - and that he does not like (nor write) lyrics that don't require thought, or those that are so clear and direct as to prevent the possibility of listener interpretation. I believe his exact words were 'lack of reflective space' - whatever that means...

as for the singers sounding malaysian, we agree with you completely - we are malaysians, so why should we sound any different? Again, it is something pete feels very strongly about. his answer to folks who comment on how his diction sounds insufficiently 'proper' (invariably meaning 'american') is: "do i look american to you?'. :-)

anyway, thanks for writing one of the most thought-provoking blog entries we have read on this important issue.

you have been linked."

I feel good.

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